From Chaos to Cohesion: How RedEye transformed their marketing platform with UI design and a design system.

RedEye Design System

UI Design / Design System

Yozu Creative were engaged by RedEye to refresh their marketing automation SaaS platform. They were looking to align and update the design of their platform with a more modern look and feel.

Yozu have established strong collaborative partnerships over the years, working alongside internal client teams to modernise their internal systems, mobile applications and web applications. As for Yozu Creative, we wanted to connect the two worlds – their brand perception and digital appearance. To achieve this goal, we conducted a series of workshops to identify pain points for each application, differences in visual language, and inconsistencies that needed fixing.

The Challenge

The challenge for Yozu Creative was to revamp an existing production system that had an established user base who were familiar with the current platform’s layout, features, and workflows. Therefore, any changes made to the platform had to be user-friendly and not require users to relearn their workflows or negatively impact their experience. Additionally, the size of the system posed a challenge as it had a vast number of screens, options, tabbed content, and workflows that required a systematic approach to ensure that the entire platform had a consistent look and feel upon rollout.

RedEye Challenge

Research & Discovery

Through in-depth research and analysis of the current platform journeys, brand system and existing digital products we discovered and addressed the most urgent issues. The previous brand guidelines didn’t answer all the needs and requirements necessary for digital communication and UI Systems, so in order to solve that we decided to rethink the entire suite of digital products and approach from a more holistic perspective and a thoroughly planned implementation process. The approach required close collaboration across all product teams as well as RedEye’s internal marketing and development departments.

RedEye Research

The Outcome

Over the course of the project, we successfully delivered a completely new user interface (including frontend development) that was user-friendly, intuitive, and modern. The entire implementation was backed by a complete design system and component library that informed every aspect of the interface — from typrography and colour schemes through to system inputs, buttons, and overall layout and structure.

RedEye Final Outcome
RedEye Logo
New User Interface
RedEye Options Design System
RedEye Colour Palette

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