Helping a leading laboratory and clinical training company pivot during the pandemic with eCommerce solutions.

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BioGrad is a leading laboratory and clinical training center that attracts elite science and medical students from all over the world. They specialise in offering real-world laboratory and clinical skills that range from beginner to advanced level courses in their state-of-the-art facilities in Liverpool, UK.

BioGrad’s business offering is very much focussed on physical, on-premises, and in-person training however, in 2020 — once the COVID-19 pandemic took hold — they were no longer able to offer courses due to the restrictions that were put in place.

Rather than doing nothing and riding it out, the team at BioGrad decided that they could put their state-of-the-art testing labs to use to perform quick and accurate PCR testing for the general public both in-person and via postal tests.

In order to pivot and allow people to have access to the testing, BioGrad initially set up a Squarespace website that would allow people to place an order for a test along with a booking platform to book in-person testing slots. They soon came to realise — due to the level of demand, ever-changing restrictions, and data reporting requirements — that SquareSpace wouldn’t continue to be a viable option, which is where Yozu Creative comes in.

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The Project

Building an eCommerce website for scale

Yozu Creative worked with BioGrad to migrate them away from their Squarespace website and onto a brand new custom-designed and developed eCommerce website that would handle demand, streamline internal operations, and support growth. Along with this, we also helped with the design and development of two other websites (BioGrad Exams and BioGrad Training) to ensure that they had consistency across their brand and were also prepared following the eventual easing of restrictions.

We worked quickly to develop a web design approach that would work well across all of their web properties, having individuality whilst maintaining a cohesive brand feel.

There were a number of key considerations we needed to account for as part of the web development, some of these included:

  • Data Collection and Management
  • Data Reporting inline with public Health England requirements
  • Integrations


BioGrad Diagnostics Web Design
BioGrad Training Web Design
BioGrad Exams Web Design

The Outcome

Delivering great results

The BioGrad Diagnostics eCommerce website was developed to allow full control over data collection due to the ever-changing restrictions and reporting requirements from Public Health England that they needed to comply with as well as being fully integrated with a bespoke backend order management and barcode solution that was developed by Yozu.

We delivered all three BioGrad websites (Diagnostics, Exams, and Training) over a period of roughly 4-6 months — from the initial brief; through design and development; and ultimately launch — with great success.


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BioGrad Diagnostics eCommerce Website

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