Refreshingly simple bookkeeping — with a brand to match.

Pandle Bookkeeping

About the project

Pandle is a bookkeeping app, developed by Yozu.

The Pandle app is designed with all types of user in mind, from large accountancy practices, to those who just want the ability to easily track their business spending and automate the sending of eye-catching invoices.

It is the product of seven year’s development time, so as you can imagine, its design has changed a few times over the years – we like to keep things fresh, after all — however, all of the previous redesigns have only ever been surface-deep with the UI getting a touch up over times.

This time around we knew we needed to dig a little deeper and not just make superficial changes!

Pandle Users

Research & Discovery

To kick off the project, we ran a series of research & discovery workshops where we engaged in a series of activities that encourage creative and critical thinking about the brand. We analysed the competitive landscape, conducted customer research, and explored the brand’s history and story — along with understanding long-term business goals and objective for the product itself.

At its heart, Pandle’s purpose is to help small/medium size companies to keep control of their finances in a simple way. Their brand should also transmit the same message as its purpose: simplicity.

What about the app?

Not only did we produce a new brand and visual identity for Pandle, we also completely revamped the UI for their mobile and desktop applications.

This included competitor and market research, user journey mapping, and a large amount of wireframing to ensure that everything that followed had a strong foundation and stood up against other big players such as Sage and Quickbooks.

Once the foundation was in place, we worked to develop out the complete user interface including full design system and component guide to support any future development and make changing the visual style of the application much more cost effective moving forward.

Pandle Business Cards

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