Transforming Informer’s SaaS platform conversion rates through brand evolution and website development.



The Challenge

Informer is a traditional penetration testing company backed by their own External Attack Surface Management (EASM) and Pen Testing SaaS platform that is designed to help CISOs, CTOs and IT teams map external assets and identify vulnerabilities in real time so they can be remediated before attackers can exploit them.

After initially trying to deliver the project in-house without success, they approached Yozu Creative — on recommendation from one of our previous clients — to produce a newly designed and redeveloped website that would help them increase conversions and scale their platform.

The inital challenge was that they knew what they wanted visually but were struggling to find a designer or agency that could translate that vision effectively and deliver a look and feel that didn’t have a traditional ‘hacker’-type aesthetic that is often associated with internet security.

SaaS Marketing Design

The Approach

Our design team started the project by getting under the skin of Informer’s SaaS platform to fully understand how best to position the overall design and bring features and functionality to life.

We understood that — given the ‘dry’ nature of the subject matter — that we needed to tell a story and guide visitors through the entire process in order to make it clear what and why they should engage with Informer.

Our design team went to work evolving the original brand with an updated colour palette, alterative typographical treatments, custom icon sets, and completely bespoke animations that showcased what the Informer platform was all about.

Informer Brand Typography Treatments
Custom Brand Icons

Making the difference

The Outcome

Following the launch of Informer’s new website, they saw incredible results across all of their key metrics — with Demo Conversions seeing an increase of 162% and Organic Search traffic increasing by 66%!

Yozu Creative were a pleasure to work with — from start to finish and then into their continuing support. We initially approached them with ideas for a website that we had been inspired by. They created everything for us; the colour palettes, page designs and images. The result was a professional and modern website that we’re proud of.

Marios Kyriacou, Founder & CEO, Informer

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